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23 December

Happy Holidays From The Grooby Productions Family!

We’d like to wish all of our Readers a very Happy Holiday Season!

If you’ve got a little downtime during your busy Holiday weekend, give yourself a little present with these Holiday sets from the Grooby Productions sites.

Morgan Bailey is looking ready to hand out some gifts at Frank’s Tgirl World, and Sayara Rodrigues is ready to unwrap in her black and white lingerie at Brazilian-Transsexuals! Meanwhile, the lovely Michelle Austin is all decked out for the Holiday Season and ready to spread some cheer! TS Hazel Tucker would make a nice, sweet treat for you this weekend.

Joanna Jet is getting herself unwrapped and it looks like her present is a hard cock here at Shemale Pornstar, and the lean and leggy Diamond Long is ready to rock your world over at Black-Tgirls!

Have a great, safe Holiday weekend and thank you all so much for visiting our blogs and sites throughout 2011!


12 December

Watch Grooby Productions Porn On Your Big Screen TV!

Have you ever been in the middle of a great porn scene on your computer or laptop and then thought to yourself, ‘Man, I would sure love to be watching this on my new HDTV!’ Well, your wish has come true and now you can watch all your great Grooby Productions porn from the comfort of your living room and your favorite couch with EasyOnTV, who has partnered with Grooby to bring Shemale porn from the computer to the TV!

There are, of course, other options out there to stream content from your computer to your TV, but trust me, they’re expensive and kind of a pain in the ass to set up. With EasyOnTV, you can be set up and watching your Shemale porn catalog within minutes… how cool is that! There’s no extra equipment to buy… all you need is a wireless network and a DLNA compatible media player… It’s that easy! Grooby Productions and EasyOnTV are offering this service at a special discounted rate to kick things off so swing on by the site, read up, and see if you’ll love watching Shemale porn on your HDTV as much as I do 😉


2 December

2012 Tranny Award Date Is Announced!

Hey all you Shemale porn Fans out there…

The date for the 2012 Tranny Awards has been set and of course, you’re invited to attend! The event will be held in Los Angeles on Sunday, February 19, 2012, and I really hope that you’ll save the date and attend. More details about the venue will be announced in the coming days, as well as category and voting information. We’ll keep you posted here.

If you’d like to sponsor a category, please make sure to email admin at grooby dot com … This is a growing event and an awesome way to get your brand name in front of a responsive audience.

Again, the 2012 Tranny Awards will be held in Los Angeles on Sunday, February, 19, 2012… See you there!

5 August

Shemale Yum Booth at Adultcon Makes History!

A few posts ago we helped make the announcement that Shemale Yum was hosting a booth at Adultcon. Well, the event has come and gone but it sounds like the booth was a tremendous success and we’d like to congratulate all the lovely ladies who showed up to help promote the genre! From the Blog post:

Grooby Productions made history with their Shemale Yum booth at Adultcon in Los Angeles last weekend. This was the first time t-girls have exhibited at the tradeshow and it was a huge success. Domino Presley, Morgan Bailey, Amy Daly, Khloe Hart, Michelle Austin, Sunshyne Monroe, Jenna Rachels, Britney Markham and Angelina Torres worked the booth and charmed the crowd by go-go dancing and talking to all the attendees who visited their booth. The crowds couldn’t get enough of Morgan Bailey and Domino Presley—the girls were literally mobbed at and away from the booth. Additionally, they educated the public on the shemale community, which led to curiosity and tons of photos and DVDs sold.

“I know the event was a definitely success,” says Owner, Steven Grooby. “The girls educated the public about shemales and potentially our sites will reach a whole new audience. We handed out company postcards and virtually none were left. Plus, the girls were photographed with a vast array of fans, including couples and women. Be on the lookout for Grooby Productions to be attending more tradeshows in the future.”


26 July

The Ladies of Shemale Yum Do Adultcon!

Monday, July 25th, 2011

Grooby Productions
The Ladies of Shemale Yum Do Adultcon

(Chatsworth, CA) Grooby Productions will have a booth at Adultcon this coming weekend, Friday July 29th through Sunday July 31st. This is the first time that Adultcon has had t-girls as exhibitors. The booth will feature some of the hottest girls from Grooby’s Shemale Yum site, including Domino Presley, Morgan Bailey, Amy Daly, Khloe Hart, Celeste, Michelle Austin, Sunshyne Monroe, Jenna Rachels and Estelle L’Amore. Famed Director Buddy Wood will also be in attendance. The girls will be selling DVDs, autographed photos and more.

“Trade shows like Adultcon are very important, because they directly reach the consumer and that ultimately impacts business with new visitors and potentially members for our sites”, says Owner, Steven Grooby. “Most of the attendees are the real fans of porn. Of course, the girls’ fans will come and I’m sure they will make new ones, too.”

For pre-sale tickets, show hours and other information about Adultcon, go to their site, Media inquiries about Grooby’s sites and talent should be directed to Erika Icon of The Rub PR at

Grooby Productions is the largest transgender website company in the world, and operates over 15 pay sites, as well as social networks such as TGFlix and HungDevils—there’s something for everyone with sites such as Shemale Yum (the longest and most popular TS erotica site featuring 1000s of unique models) and Black T-Girls, niche sites like Shemale Japan (the only website featuring uncensored Japanese transsexuals), as well as solo model sites for superstar models, Domino Presley, Amy Daly and Hazel Tucker. In 2009, Grooby introduced The Tranny Awards to celebrate the best models, photographers and websites with trophies and cash prizes—the awards take place each February. Grooby is synonymous with not only with transgender erotica, but original, high quality content from our exclusive producers, Buddy Wood, PK Vegas, Tony Vee, Luiz Damazo and more, produced exclusively worldwide, allowing Grooby to update their sites with dozens of new models every week, as well as our exemplary customer service. In 2011, Grooby is rolling out of a number of pay sites, DVDs and new social media, including the Grooby Network that allows models to produce their own pay sites.

21 January

Inside The Tranny Awards By Peter Berton!

By Peter Berton

YNOT – On Saturday, Feb. 5, the annual Tranny Awards will take place at the Blue Moon Nightclub in North Hollywood, Calif. Sponsored by, the gala event is billed as “The Only TG [T-girl] Entertainment Awards Show.”

Grooby Productions owner “Grooby Steven” founded the Tranny Awards in 2008. spoke with him about this year’s edition, and also touched base with past TA winner Amy Daly and judge Caramel Black. What are the Tranny Awards, and how did they get started?
Grooby Steven: The Tranny Awards are the only awards dedicated to the adult transgender business. The current adult award shows that have transgender categories clearly do not understand the fans or the popularity of the models, due to some of their choices in the past few years. While I used to think this was malicious — or based on economics — I now believe it is just due to not being in touch with the transgender side of the industry.

We set up the Tranny Awards so models, performers and productions both online and [on] DVD could be recognized for their work. It’s now in its third year. The first year was online only. Last year we had a show, but this year is both larger and more prestigious.

This year I was able to get most of the big transsexual companies to become sponsors, including SMC Revenue, Trannybox [part of Gamma Entertainment], Shemale Strokers and Shemale Profit. Grooby Productions is the host. This event is not run for profit, and all sponsor money goes directly back to the models as prize money.

How are the nominees selected and the winners chosen? What prizes do they get?
We ask for pre-nominations from pay site members, people following us on social networks, forums such as HungAngels, HungDevils, TSChatter, as well as models and producers in the industry. The most popular or requested suggestions make it to a nomination list.

We then have validated voters — recognized models or industry members, fans who have a history on one of the above forums, website members — to vote on the Best Model/Performer and Free Website categories. A panel of five people, industry and fans, judges each of the DVD, DVD performer and solo T-girl website categories.

Model winners get $1,000 cash prizes. All categories get very nice crystal trophies awarded at the show in February. In total, $8,500 is paid out in prize money to models.

Tell us about the awards night. What happens?
Well, this is only the second time we’ve held the event, and this year it’s in a much nicer and larger venue. This is also the first time we’ll be announcing the winners at the actual awards, so anything could happen. We have a show starting at 10.30 p.m., and it’s going to be emceed by Michelle Austin. We have models and previous winners to present the awards, as well as some entertainment. Last year Yasmin Lee performed, and we’re hoping to have her back. We also are going to have a go-go “dance-off” during the break for the regular T-girl dancers at the Thursday night club, with cash prizes for the winners.

It should be a great night. A lot of models are coming into town specifically for [the ceremony], and it’s a chance for fans to mingle with them.

How important are these awards to the nominees and winners?
Amy Daly: I think it’s very important, not only for the girls, but for the transsexual side of the adult industry as a whole. For the girls, it’s going to give us much-needed press and recognition that can help drive sales for things such as our personal websites, DVDs, toy lines, cam rooms, and even get us more work.

Transsexuals are often swept under the carpet and hidden away from the spotlight in most aspects of the adult industry and even our personal lives, so not only will it help drive sales for us, but it gives us that recognition that we deserve. We bring in a lot of revenue to the industry, and we have to work harder at our craft than our female counterparts. I’d like to see some of the female performers try to get hard for some gross camera guy or gross male performer while on hormones and be expected to stay hard and cum at the end of the scene.

We are like Rodney Dangerfield: We get no respect — no respect at all. When TS girls get recognition and treated with respect, we will generate more sales, which means everyone gets more money out of us in the end and it’s good for everyone.

Caramel Black: The Tranny Awards is the only major contest specifically geared to T-girl performers. The eyes of all other performers, their admirers and the producers who create and promote transgender content are all on them, and that’s crucial to a performer. The Tranny Awards are the Oscars of transgender adult entertainment, and the exposure can launch performer’s career into the stratosphere. I’ve seen it happen to the nominees and winners of the first and second annual Tranny Awards. Being nominated is an honor and career booster in itself.

GS: I’m not sure of their importance, but they are appreciated. It’s a chance for the models and fans to see who are the fan favorites and for the DVD producers to see what is rated [highly] by their peers and fans and not simply guessed at like other shows.

A lot of models really get into the nominations and voting, lobbying for fans’ votes, and many of them — and fans — are flying in from across the country to attend.

The plan was to build this award show slowly over a period of years so we can get mainstream recognition, and we seem to be on course for that. Winners and nominees will use the brand to legitimize their websites or as a badge of honor, and fans really get behind their favorite models.

I think the most exciting and highly contested category is the “Best New Cummer” — previously “Best New Face” — of which previous winners were Amy Daly and Hazel Tucker. We also honor an industry veteran with a Lifetime Achievement Award, which I choose personally. Previous winners were Meghan Chevalier and Olivia Love. This year, there will be two winners in this category.

Finally, how serious a process is this? Is it pure promotion, or are you seeking larger industry recognition and approval?
GS: It’s very serious, and I hope it will grow more so in the future. Of course, for my company and for all the other sponsors, there is always going to be the underlying fact that we want the promotion to the fans, the branding of our companies and the goodwill from the models and industry in doing this. But we are all involved long-term in this genre. Most of the producers know the models personally, and to be able to engage fans directly is something most genres could only dream of.

Larger industry recognition isn’t overly relevant, as anybody interested in transgender erotica will either be aware of this or find it. What we would like is overall more media recognition.

19 November

Lucia Matthews Launches Her New Grooby Backed Official Site!

t-lucia-matthews-site-launch-01 t-lucia-matthews-site-launch-02

t-lucia-matthews-site-launch-03 t-lucia-matthews-site-launch-04

Lucia Matthews (previously known as Lucia Miel) becomes the third girl to be backed by Shemale porn giant Grooby Productions with the launch of her new Official Site! Hopefully some of you got the chance to meet Lucia Matthews this last Thursday at the Blue Moon Nights T-Party event. I have never had the pleasure of meeting Lucia personally but from what I know if her, she sounds like a very fun and vivacious person to be around. Although Lucia may be less well-known than fellow label-mates, Hazel Tucker and Amy Daly, I think she’s been in the porn game for about the same time, if not longer than both of them.

I’ve been hearing rumors that a site was in the works for Lucia for a while now, and now that it’s finally here, of course I went right on over to check it out. The first thing I noticed is right there at the top, is the header, ‘TS Lucia: The Sex Addicted Shemale‘… Something tells me that I’m really going to like this girl! Lucia’s Official Site is a great match to her personality… fun and flirty. Our congratulations to Lucia Matthews on the launch of her new Official Site and I hope you’ll come give it a look!



15 October

Bring In Your Holiday With Shemale Pornstar: A Shemale For All Seasons!


I was pretty surprised to see Christmas stuff in the local box store as early as the last week of September but there is really no such thing as ‘too early’ for the gorgeous Shemale Pornstars that you’ll find in the holiday release from Third World Media and Grooby Productions, Shemale Pornstar: A Shemale For All Seasons! This DVD release features memorable scenes directed by PK Vegas and shot for the Shemale Pornstar site over the course of 2009-2010!

You couldn’t ask for a more star-studded cast and as a special holiday treat, you can save a couple of bucks by placing a Pre-Order for your copy today! This offer is only good until the official release date of Monday, October 18, 2010 so check out the trailer and then get a copy of Shemale Pornstar: A Shemale For All Seasons today!

20 August

Pre-Order Morgan Bailey’s Bad Day Now On Shemale Video Direct!

The long awaited release from Frank’s Tgirl World alumna, Morgan Bailey, is finally arriving and you need to RUN to get your pre-order in so you’ll be assured a copy of what is sure to be one of the hottest DVD releases of the year! It’s Morgan Bailey’s Bad Day, released by Grooby Productions! Think times are tough for you these days? Try walking a day in the high heels of Shemale Pornstar Morgan Bailey and then see just how good your life is!

I personally have been waiting for this DVD to release ever since I saw a trailer of it at the 2009 Tranny Awards, and I’m sure I’m not the only one waiting on pins and needles to see the full movie! Check out this trailer for yourself and then make sure to place your pre-order. Morgan Bailey’s Bad Day will be released on 9/06/10 and I will tell you, these are going to go FAST so don’t miss out!

20 November

Past Tranny Award Winners On Frank’s Tgirl World!

2008 Tranny Award Winner, Vicki Richter!

NOMINATIONS FOR THE 2009 TRANNY AWARDS ARE NOW OPEN and you can be sure that you’ll find at least a few of the winners of the 2009 Tranny Awards on Frank’s Tgirl World! Here is 2008 Tranny Award winner for ‘Best DVD Performer,’ Vicki Richter and 2008 Tranny Award Winner for ‘Best South American Model,’ Bianca Freire, both captured by the master lens of Frank himself and featured on his site. If you’ve got a favorite Tgirl, now’s your time to help her win some recognition so head on over and nominate her for a 2009 Tranny Award today! Here is some information about the 2009 Tranny Awards and some guidelines:


Krissy4u – The Official Blog
Shemale Model Index

Six judges have been chosen from fans, forum posters and the adult industry. These judges will remain anonymous until after the winners are announced and are not told, who the other judges are.
YOU, the Fans and Admirers get to nominate!

Best Website Model ($1000 prize!)
Best DVD Performer
Best Non-TS Performer
Best DVD
Best DVD Director
Best Solo TG Website ($300 promo banner advertising sponsored by Shemale Model Index)
Best Amateur Website ($300 promo banner advertising sponsored by Shemale Model Index)
Best Blog ($400 in Gift Certificates to Winner/Runner up ($300/$100) sponsored by Krissy4u – The Official Blog)

· Lifetime Achievement Award $1000 prize (chosen by Grooby Steven)
· Grooby New Face Award $$$ TBA (chosen by Grooby Steven)
· Black Tgirls Model of the Year $1000 prize (chosen by Black-Tgirls members)
· Shemale Yum Model of the Year $1000 prize (chosen by Shemale Yum members)


1. Model or Performer categories had to appear in at least one production that was filmed in 2009.
2. Websites must have been active for minimum 4 months in 2009.
3. Best Blog must be mainly handwritten and active for minimum of 6 months in 2009.
4. Best DVD and Best DVD Director must be for a DVD released in 2009.

You may nominate as many different people, sites or titles as you wish, in as many or as few categories.
You may enter multiple names (seperated by comma) if you wish.


10th December 2009 – Deadline for pre-nominations from industry and members of public.
12th December 2009 – Nominations to be announced in each category and judges to begin their determination.
08th January 2009 – Winners to be announced.


Special Thanks to our media sponsors:

2008 Tranny Award Winner Bianca Freire!

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